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Boho Hairstyles: 20 Coolest Bohemian Hair Options

Pretty hair stuffs With the current love for healthy natural living and obsession with 70s fashion, boho hairstyles are not just on the rise—they’ve completely evolved. Ready to be shocked by some mad creativity and skill? Get ready for disheveled braids, buns and twists in creative bohemian hair styles. Boho …

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GoGo Curl Crochet Hair

Crochet Braids Reusing Spring Twist #springtwists #protectivebraidstyles #pintowin2019 #protectivestyling Wedding Planning Exposed: The Best Man’s Role The best man traditionally offers the first toast at a wedding. His toast can offer a thought provoking look at married life, honor his friendship with the groom or reveal intimate and often embarrassing …

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Amazing DIY #5: Hair Masks – Amazingy Magazine

Hair Wedding Dresses Article Body: Undoubtedly, a wedding is one of the most precious and memorable moments in life. To make this occasion more remarkable, certain customs have been practiced, like the special wedding dress, the wedding cake, etc. The bride’s dress is given special importance and care is taken …

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